"How should I wash my tie dye?"
For 100% cotton tees wash with like colors in cold water. All items have been fixed with soda ash, washed 1-2 times and been through a dry cycle. Special items like dresses or rayon items may need to be hand washed or line dried. Please refer to the label for correct care instructions.

"Will my shirt shrink?
All of my cotton t-shirts come pre-shrunk from the manufacturer. All other items will have already shrunk to their normal size during the dyeing process. As long as they are washed and dried according to the instructions on the garment's care label there should be no shrinking.

"Will my friends and family be super jealous of my awesome tie dye?"
Absolutely! Prepare to be the grooviest person in the room!

"My family/sports team/school/business etc would like matching tie dyes for an event. Do you make group dyes and how much will it cost?"
I have a lot of experience making group tie dyes! Please send me a message so we can discuss exactly what you have in mind. Price will be determined by style and the number of items in the order.